Proxy - Error with newly bought proxy

I just bough a new proxy from ProxyAZ, and when i tryed it with phbot, it give me some error with the bot :slight_smile:

Connection not allowed by ruleset.
I already got 2proxy on this website, which are working very well.
I tested this proxy which is working fine in theory, but as u see on this pic, it didn’t work.

Any tips about this problem ?

Best Regards

The proxy is denying the connection, so you could have the wrong login information or maybe you have the wrong proxy type

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My proxy is already setup in Socks 5, otherwise the error would be different (already tryed it).

OK, so i tryed again with password typed by hand, and now it worked.
At first try, i just did copy/Past but still didn’t work with copy past. I guess there is some space or someting like that, that is added by mistake with copy/past fonction.

Thanks for ur answer

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