Proxy detection bypass for filter

Hey everyone,
New update has arrived for f8filter games. With this update we can’t using socks proxy. Filter detect proxy after 1 minute login the game. Then DC.
So is there any way to bypass proxy detection on f8filter games. Thank you…

Herkese merhaba,
F8filter’a yeni güncelleme geldi ve bu gunceleme ile birlikte artık proxy kullanamıyoruz. Login yaptıktan 1 dakika sonra filter proxyi saptıyor. Ardından DC geliyor.
Proxy ile bağşanabilmenin her hangi bir yolu var mı? Teşekkürler…

If you completely control the proxy you should try changing the ports or you could use SSH tunnels.

I tried many methods except ssh. I will try thank you @Ryan

You would need to close all ports except SSH. If they are detecting it based on ASN then you would need to find a uncommon hosting provider and that probably still won’t work.

How can i close other ports? I’m looking for SSH server now.

That’s not really how it works. You buy a VPS or dedicated server then you have SSH access to be able to access the server. SSH has a built in SOCKS proxy that you can enable.

I find free ssh server and configure with proxycap.


its working :slight_smile:

Thank you very much @Ryan

edit: DC again not working :frowning:

There are free ssh servers for only proxy usage. We don’t need VPS server but SSH Tunnel not working.
They may be using API like this site

I think it’s impossible to bypass

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