Proxy Connection

hye its there any problems with proxies ? [17:45:33] Proxy: Failed to connect to the SOCKS4 proxy . just this error

There’s a problem with your proxy yes. That error means there’s something wrong with your proxy.

not only mine more ppls with different proxies got this

Are you sure you entered the info correctly? Are you sure it’s a SOCKS4?

yeah SOCKS4 port 1085

This thing i get from 4-5h ago and still didnt’t fixed

Contact your proxy provider

@DeRidder14 should be from phbot.ini ? there is SocksVersion 5

No just enter the proxy info on the silkroad login tab of the bot or if you’re using manager you can enter the info there.

Can you explain again i don’t understand :))

yes im using manager

@DeRidder14 if i delete from phbot.ini “BindIP” should working ? @Ryan

Works on other servers. Doesn’t work on this server

No problem when logging in normally

It gives me such a problem, why.

proxy has blocked server. is there a way to get around this ??


You can try to delete the bind ip, you shouldn’t really have a bound ip anyway. Press no when that dialog appears.

@jacarantha01 seems like that server is blocking proxies yes. Maybe a more premium proxies wouldn’t be detected but other then that there’s not really a way that I’m aware of.

[You can try to delete the bind ip,]

I did not understand how that is ?

That won’t help your issue.

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