Proxy: Connection refused

Hi, when i got up in the morning i encountered this problem

Proxy: Connection refused

Firewall issue or the proxy won’t accept the connection.


How do I solve it, ryan?

okay, I’ve solved the problem by closing the firewall you can set the topic you know


problem repeated I shut down the firewall again I get the same error Proxy: Connection refused

Something seems broken with the proxy or your connection.

what do I need to delete everything and tried again I got the same error last resort pcye format think of throwing ryan before someone does not receive this error

It has to be the proxy you’re using.

If you tried to login with free “Unsecure” proxy, almost every free proxy has that connection problem. Maybe you can try some paid proxy or don’t use proxy. Every proxy that I used has some problems. If you get “No response” error wait for bot. It’s gonna try more than 3 attemps to login. There’s a chance to make successful connection after some attemps. If you get “Connection Closed” error, try another proxy. Closed means exactly “Not working” That proxy never works if it’s down.
“Refused” means there’s a problem with proxy or game blocked that proxy’s IP. Or proxy blocked you, or proxy closed the connection to you.

For your safety, never use any proxy that is not belong to you.

problem solved the server is a problem I have a problem in the bi-bot, although I do not set up the configuration as the configuration of the chari hyrbırd does not give any stat

you have space
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