Proxy connection error

Hello, with the last update in the test version, there were problems in using proxy. The problem is in version 25.1.5. I can connect to the same proxy in lower versions without any problems. There is no record of any errors. “Connecting” warning keeps popping up and fails to run the client. The bot keeps re-running itself. It may be an unnoticed feature, but I would appreciate it if you comment on the topic. Now I will downgrade and continue using
The v25.1.2 version works without any errors.

Add a larger disconnect delay in your manager. The proxy is just failing to connect to that gateway server. If you leave it, It will connect but you need a larger delay in manager to give it enough time before closing the bot.

I did as you stated. I increased the connection delay from 5 seconds to 50 seconds, but still cannot connect. The same problem persists when I run the bot independently of the manager. I know something is wrong but I haven’t solved it completely. Running smoothly in the lower version makes me think

What happens if you let it go for like 5 minutes without manager? I’ve seen this same thing even on old versions and it normally connects when it switches gateways.

Same thing happens TRsro doesn’t work with even older versions… // Tried proxy before, there was no problem…

Issue with the proxy or your proxy IP is temp banned. I know TRSRO is banning players that are using VPNs / proxies so could be they started blocking the IPs.

Dear Ryan, i can enter with same proxy if i use another 3rd party program. Without ip limit… Problem is with the phbot i’m afraid… Could you please check thanks.

I have tried all the methods you have said and the problem still persists. My account and the ip I use are still whitelisted. The test continues to run smoothly in the v25.1.2 version. In new versions, connection cannot be established without creating a proxy related error log. I prefer to be able to enter the game with the proxy instead of using the new features. I have no doubt that my ip and My Account are safe because I’m in the game right now :slight_smile:

People have reported being ban for using proxy in TRSRO. This is your friendly heads up :slight_smile:

Thank you for your thoughts. :slight_smile: yes, I am aware of this risk, but my problem is not the risk of account banned. I want to use a proxy for trading, and the new version of phbot is a bit of a problem.

The good news is i’ve fixed. Mine caused because of bind IP. I had to remove it to None, then magic works. Problem was same as yours. Hope you can fix yours aswell.

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