Problem with with return to town and disconnect after a specific time

I have a problem with the function: return to town and disconnect after a specific time

When I set the bot to do so, my character returns to town and does not disconnect until I press the start bot button then it disconnects.

I am running 8 characters using bot manager and it happens only with one character.
Other characters are disconnecting properly.

Bot has to be started for it to do that.

if you are returning to town & DCing
cuz of the XP fatigue or how ever u call it
no need
now u can DC anywhere
and it will refill the XP bar

use the option in “Protection” > “Return” > “Time”
last option “Disconnect every [ ]”
best to set it at 470 (7h50m)
give’s ya 10min’s before the ending of the XP gate(8h)
this 10min’s u might wanna check ur storage’s or stuff
so could be useful

the bot is already started and hunting
when it reaches the time limit, it returns back to town but does NOT DC unless I close the bot or press stop then start button.

It happens only with one account.

Other accounts return back after time limit and DC automatically by itself then relogin by the manager.

Where is the option “Disconnect every [ ]”?

I can NOT find it in the bot?

Protection → Return → Time → disconnect every xxx minutes

use phbot “TESTING”
not phbot “STABLE”

@Yapersia In this case I recommend to use one of these conditions. One time per day at 0am Joymax time the bar resets itsself. So the DC every x minute would kill the bot even if it’s at 100% to that time…

If(Botting&&EXP Ratio < 100){stop bot; disconnect or terminate} // stops at 50%
If(Botting&&EXP Ratio < 50){stop bot; disconnect or terminate} // stops at 0%

bot timer automatic reset if you got DC even before time u set…

thanks for your reply bro
another question,
I am using bot manager.
How should I make it open phbot testing instead of stable?
Or should I uninstall the current bot and install it again using testing version?

Manager >> Options >> Bot path…
seek phtesting folder
& choose it…

do these conditions still work?