Problem with version 23.0.4

Hello im using version 23.0.4 on isro. and everything seems to be working fine the manger says the char is logged in but when i open bot from manager i dont see the tabs of “go client” marked so i can click in and on the minimap it shows the character is in Hotan and he is not in Hotan.
[09:39:55] Connected

[09:39:59] Data load status: 100%

[09:40:06] Character successfully joined the game
[09:40:06] Pick Filter: Loaded
[09:40:06] Quest: Loaded
[09:40:06] Town: Loaded
[09:40:06] Stall: Loaded
i would appreciate any help pls thanks

try to login normal client maybe u playing private server and it has hwid limit

i dont have a private server downloaded, ive never played a private server before. i tried loggin in to normal client and it does work fine.

CrapTrap probably isn’t running on your PC which is required for teleports.

Hey Ryan sorry for the delay in answering. But why does this happened or is there something I can do to resolve this matter faster if it happens again or do i just keep trying until it works by the way it resolved by its self after a couple of tries. I am paying for CrapTrap. Any way I would like to know if there is anything different I can do to prevent this from happening or fixing it if it happens again?

Delete File data bot for new update.