Problem with the bot

The problem is that bot stops attack party mobs or even champion and giant general so it’s only wait for general mobs to start attack them it happend to me 4 times it fix alone but that bug must be solved cuz it’s destory the party i even ignored general mobs and perfer party mobs but it’s not working you need to fix it i updated my phbot i even reinstall it but nothing happen pleaes fix it <3

Someone needs to let me use their account so I can test it with their settings and find the problem.

@Ryan i can send you my accounts config but my accounts have 0 vip

also there a probem where the map disapeers from bot and account can’t lure or attack but this problem solevd from me it self years ago but that’s my friend problem happend to him today

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Do you have an Error.txt file?

Error.txt (423.8 KB)
i found this but i don’t know what it’s

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@Ryan i will be waiting for you tommrow tyt and please try to slove that <3

with this setting, it has improved a little, ice attack frozen spear has a problem
still not quite but the best of the bad



you mean that phbot don’t use groub attack anymore? i mean the bug not the bot overall

I posted this in Discord.

If you still have problems then I need your new Error.txt file so I can figure out what’s wrong.

it happened to me as well today,bot walking arround but only attack general mobs not selecting any other mobs.please find the solution thank you

Use the version I posted above.

when i try it out ofc i will tell you if it worked or not but sorry my router got burned because my cat had to pea on it xD

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@Ryan i tested it rightnow it works 10/10 but i will see also tommrow and if it works without problems so it’s fixed but that bug is random so i will test it for 2 days and will tell you but now it works 10/10 thank you

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@Ryan now is new error bot all bots stop in town…
Error.txt (85.1 KB)

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Those are all from 16.4.4. I need an error log from 25.8.9 which is what I posted above.

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