Problem with stucking bot

I have a little problem.
a) Bot in training area sometimes stops attacking and walking around; it’s not even casting self buffs. Noting happens after few minutes. I have to click "Stop botting"and again “start botting” to “wake” it up, but what if i will go for some time and bot will stop itself after e.g. 30 minutes.
b) I have my next degree weapon in last place of eq and bot sometimes tries to wear it on and it stops this moment too.

Try turning off collision detection. Your training area probably has too much crap in it and it’s trying to walk around trees but you’re too close to them.

Go to the inventory tab and manually set your weapons.

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One more thing @Ryan. After some time Bot sometimes switches itself into clientless mode even if client mode is active and clientless is not ticked in bot and in manager.

I can’t fix that because the client randomly crashed. Even if you login without the bot the client will sometimes randomly crash.

Is there any crash prevention (not bot side itself)?

In the client? Not that I know of. The client will create a minidump but that’s not really helpful if you don’t also have the client source code.

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@Ryan one more thing sorry :slight_smile:
How can I tick “Reconnect on disconnect” in manager for isro? It’s grey for me, not tick-able.

That option just enables it in the bot. With it enabled it sometimes caused issues so now it’s basically removed. The Manager will automatically relog your accounts when they disconnect.

How can I turn off collision detection?

Training Area → Settings

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