Problem with not using reverse srool back to trainin area

Hello i just started using phbot, and have a problem with it with not using reverse scrool to go back to trainin area these are steps i am following

1-I am getting cordinats on trainin area
2-Starting the bot
3-I am using return scrool
4-Bot doing town script
5-Bot going to trainin area by walking ( dw to alex )

I did select the options on Training area β†’ settings β†’ use a reverse return scroll when u die, and use a reverse return scroll when you return to town. and bot is still going the training area by walking

You said you are using a return scroll. That means not the bot, right? The bot itself has to use it while it’s running.

yeah i am using it i will wait until bot goes to town and see what happens :slight_smile:

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it is working like a charm now when bot uses return scrol by itself thanks for answering btw i was wondering is there way to bypass pc limit with this bot ? and also i bought this bot for only auto trade options but when bot try to buy items from trader npc i got a notify in game like a unique spawn that says u cant use phbot to buy items in trader any way to bypass this ?

You would have to find your own bypass.