Problem with manager logging multiple chars

is there anyways possible to prevent manager from attempting to log in more chars when 3 are already logged?

image do settings like this

Actually that won’t stop manager from logging more chars!
that option would start 3 accounts at the same time, once they logged started another 3.

then seperate your chars 3 by 3 then wait for each group into game world

alright, u’re not getting the point, lemme explain a bit more, what am trying to do is. i made a full script for hwt bots go in finish 2 runs get back to town , the run takes 1 hour, now what i need to do is, i need the bot to log into 3 chars at a time so they go in finish the script and then log out, then new 3 chars start and so on.i got xlogincontroller set it up on log in time. the problem here is, manager keeps trying to log into all the chars. and server has limit of 3 chars per pc. so it basically keeps trying and that harms my pc. so am trying to find a way to stop manager from logging all of them (which doesn’t involve me doing it manually)

There’s an option that you can check

Wait for each account to log into the game world. Have you tried that?

I think you will need to separate them I to groups and manually start each group. From my understanding, it’s not an option yet to schedule the login time for manager. The manager can only do the basics which is prioritizing the managing aspects of the clients. It’s not a bot.

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