Problem with hwid

Hi, I’m having problem… using Testing latest version, bot keep sending me msg HWID limit 3 been filled, I’m using 3 PC and the catch here, the same PC receiving this msg has alrdy opened bots but on a private server!
So, I don’t understand what exactly went wrong? same bot open game but fail in another or what’s happening here? :frowning:

mak sure u have all same version of bot
also dont change ur network every time like wifi too cable or other

u mean I can’t use Testing and Stable bot on the same PC? cuz both were running just fine, idk how or what started that IP limit issue :frowning:

i think iu can if u have last vertion of both but im not sure of that

again i’m having the same issue!!! i reset hwid on 1PC the other PC gets the same msg HWID LIMIT3 FULL !!! WHAT IS THIS??? i didnt change a thing of any of my PCs!!! this msg came out nowhere! where’s Weeman???

There’s nothing I can do. Your HWID is changing or you’re using a mix of old and new versions of the bot which uses up more than 1 HWID slot on your account.