Problem with horse

when char go with auto walk the bot dismount the horse after telepot idk reason it just dismount the horse and continue auto walk

Which location? It should only dismount at caves.

Samarkand and roc Mountains teleports

It’s dismounting before or after the teleport? I don’t see why it would do that.

after teleport

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same here

Also I want to tell a problem about teleporting. When character goes to the teleporter, it takes almost 5 seconds to select teleporter then teleport itself.

Is it a problem or just a design? I’ve used other bots and they were so quick while selecting teleporter. phBot takes more time to select it. @Ryan

Its not a problem, the bot always waits 5000ms.

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I would make it 1000 or 2000ms.

It’s that long because 2 years ago Joymax had insane 20 second periods of lag so everything needed to be increased.

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I forgot to check my walkscript before telling you that. I changed the wait,x value. Changed 5000 to 2000. Only for teleporting, not the after the wait time of teleporting because of the 5 seconds not attack-attacked period.

This fixed my thing.

teleport, x to x