Problem with client freezes

Recently i returned to the game to play just fw, but it is unplayable for me. Game freezes every 1-2 seconds during fw. There are freezes in town as well. All graphic setting are on low, friendly players are hidden.
OS is not lagging, it is just a sro client. I think there might be compatibility issues between outdated sro client and my hardware.

My pc:
Intel Core i5-4670k @3,4 GHz
gtx 760 2gb
windows 10

you should add sro_client to your nvidia 3d settings

Sadly this didnt change anything :frowning:

You are doing something wrong then

how wrong? should i change any setting in there
Anyway tried to run sro on older laptop and it was much better

Right. Yesterday all well not cant open client and ct server gg :slight_smile:

I think the problem from windows 10 before i had this problem but when i installed windows 8.1 on the same laptop now the game much better then before and no freeze

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Even I tried on WindowsXP. Nothing is wrong with us. Problem is game files. As @Ryan said before, they broke GFXFilemanager.dll so while launching client, PK2 files can’t load as it should.

Btw, seems like they fixed the problem. I logged in all my characters with no problem.

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Just installed windows 7 on my pc and it is working much better.

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Same here. :slight_smile:

How to Fix ? Help me


Install Windows7. Game works without no problem.

If you have NVMe or M.2SSD, just forget about it. Windows 7 does not work with them.

I know but nobody can waste time doing all of these. I’m sure you haven’t done any of these before. :v