Problem with buy the phbot,

hello, i don’t understand why you don’t put the direct address ( dogecoin for example ) ?
because the is really bad site, i can’t get my activation code,
i’m trying to buy 2 weeks,
help me out to find any other way to sent the money by Dogecoin,

Because there’s no way for me to automate that without creating my own coinpayments alternative.

well, now what ? i just can’t buy it ? and by the way i sent a ticket to coinpayments and unfortunately they didn’t response, they even didn’t give me any details about my ticket :frowning:

Convert it to ETH or LTC and I’ll give you a direct address.

ok, send to me your LTC address

it’s okay now, i’ll buy it with paypal because the lowest transfer is 20usd in my wallet :slight_smile:
thanks anyway and thank god Cuz i found another way :slight_smile: