Problem with Bow powers

I have assigned in pt gral and Champion gral Strong Bow - Will , then Mind Bow - lighting , then Celestial Beast arrow and some others, sometimes it does work well, but sometimes just over and over Mind bow and celestial beast and then commong attack waiting to do them again , i dont know if i did something wrong but i try changin many things, changing their position(order), ticking cast skills in order, attack lower monster first, use lower skill if skills for a specific… but still sometimes it got bug and doesnt work as i put on the bot, if somebody knows what can be please help me.
I play on Silkroad Latino.

Did they modify the skills?

No, they are normal. the weird part is that sometimes it does as told sometimes just try with those 2 skills over and over.

If the monster is dying with just those two skills and “cast skills in order” is enabled it will only use those two. So try it without that option enabled.

The option is not enabled, and its GP, i have 6 skills for the GP and still is doing with just those two.

Remove all skills from the categories except “General”.

Then try again?
Thank you for your quickly respond

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