Problem with bot when done scipt

I play private sro Electus, i use tab phbot for 2 char, 1 char use script 1 char use autowalk. Sometime when done script or go to end of point autowalk BOT donothing and my char standing and donothing but if im stop bot and stat after that everything is back to normal. Admin can help me solve it, and need more information I will provide. Thanks you

Someone see my post ? Im invisible ?

What are your start and end coordinates for the ones not using a script?

My char use standard town script Downhang coordiantes start : 3551,2071 — End : -12694 , -1190

Hi Ryan,I found an error. When i creat new training area and get position, new coordiantes is : -12696, -1192 after stat bot and everthing normaly.When i use return scroll button , char return town and bot work normaly, but when my char telepot from Downhang to Jangan coordiantes change is -12694, -1190 like the firt when no change coodiantes , i think is error do bot donothing. Please helpme.

OK,. i quit Phbot, haven’t support for mem.

Upload your bot config for the character.

ELECTUS_LastCeleric.json (17.7 KB)ELECTUS_AttackerNo1.json (16.0 KB) ELECTUS_AttackerNo2.json (16.0 KB) ELECTUS_TankerNo1.json (21.1 KB)
i cant update file db3. lastceleric use script and left to use autowalk