Problem when buy 8 week bot

i have 4 dayes at old bot and now make new account at new site and buy 8 week
and look still be 4 dyes only
i make new account same old account
id and pass
what i do now ???

You have to reset your password and login to the bot with the new one. phBot | Silkroad Online Bot

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i make reset and login bot again still no thing happen
i must download new bot i use 16.2.0

Make sure you have time on the account: phBot | Silkroad Online Bot

It definitely works so there’s something you’re missing.

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im actived it and reset pass and still no time add

i think i’m registered with same id and same password but different email . what i do now ?
but when open bot got old bot not new bot
old have 4 days
new have 8 week

like ryan sai goo ===> : phBot | Silkroad Online Bot with your email when u purshassed 8 week
after loock at the same email ur id and your pw

i cant chose my password at this site ?
its must be random ?
it sent new pass to email but not my pass i make it

i think u can’t it’s randomly safe id pw but maybe @ryan can answer about making your own pw

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Yes, it is random. It is only used to login to the bot and no where else. You cannot change it to something custom because it’s pointless.

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thx for this reply ^^