problem&Suggestion on warlock skills & update error?

Mirage & phantasma
since this skills lure massive monsters & fck the area up with them
cuz it fast spawn them too
suggest to add option to:
trigger Mirage/phantasma(based on whats added … & might be both added cuz each have separate cooldown)
trigger them if certain number of party member are at spot & alive…

the bard still switch weapon to warlock when casting this buffs
after the update

or is the triggering option for those skills in another section in the bot?

Read the change log.

Fixed switching weapon for certain Warlock skills when it isn’t required

Revert Warlock weapon switch fix

meaning u fixed it then reversed it … or unfixed it? explain plz me no engurish

Yes because it broke everything.

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& u once told me “learn Python” xD LOL

It’s called testing for a reason :wink:

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