Problem Manager

Hello everyone!

Does anyone here have the problem in the Manager?
Manager is closing phbot and not relogging accounts again. Even if it is enabled to relog, the Manager does not reopen the phbot.
It becomes “green (active)” but does not open, it is necessary to reopen the Manager to open the bots.
No problem on the internet or computer.

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Basically 24/7 bot settings these settings will always open your bots tho

Friend, the problem is not in my settings.
The problem is in the program itself and not settings.
Mine is correct.
This problem with the manager closing bot and not reopening is itself.

Never had that issue. Must be something with your settings.

I have exactly the same problem bro. After few disconnect not login auto i have to restart manager or pc.before i didnt write because server was empty i was just restarting pc and few minute chars back in game. Now server full and its being painfull everyday thesame problem.after few disconnect manager stucks somehow :man_shrugging: not always but often

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