Problem ( I need help ))

that problem, happend to me from time to time
lets say i open 44 account

all clientless
when i click go client

some time char stuck like this

i cant click launch or anything in bottom right … plus … the char is not login

the only way i can make it to login in its to dc all the char ( closing the manager )
then to re open them all again !!

i need solution pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase !!


That is probably a game bug and not something I can really fix.

can i show u my setting and infrom me if there is anything wrong ?

coz its happening in 1 device only with me ( not facing it in the other one )


Does not occur on another PC? I do remember this issue from years ago and I was never able to come up with a solution. I don’t think it’s the bot.

yep its not occur in the other one … its really annoying thats why i am asking … coz i need to relog 44 char each time and cant log them clientlessly in my server xD

Do they have the same brand GPU?

nah its not the same … in the device that i am running 44 account its a gaming PC … the other one is just normal laptop xD