PROBLEM AUTO QUEST JOB CAVE no change training area

Hi guys, let’s see if anyone can help me, I can’t get the bot to do all the quests in the job cave alone.

I tell you my procedure:
1-first, create a script that goes from jangan to job cave and takes all possible quests to do. This script ends in the spot of the first of the quests.

2.add in the quest tab, all the quests to make them automatic.

3- i generate different training areas in the training area tab with the different spots. Just marking the training area, I do not load any script.

4- Again in the quest tab, I add in each of them the training area where they should execute the quest.

5-Finally I give start bot and the phbot starts the first script, goes to the job cave, takes all the missions and executes mission 1 twice. Until then everything is correct.
When mission 1 ends, he stays in that spot and never changes the training area. I honestly don’t know what else I can do, or what I’m doing wrong.

@Ryan ??
Thank you very much everyone for the help!

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