Problem attack skils not fixed

@Ryan can you fix this problem please chars wizz , nuker sper , rogue use only 1 skil attack in mobs pt and giang pt !!!

Update your bot.

im use 16.4.5 is here other new ? please send link thx!

Post your Error.txt file.

Error.txt (521.1 KB)

Which server is this?


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what can say 16.4.4 some times work some times not but this 16.4.5 just use 1 skill

now i saw also ress no accept -.-

That is probably related to your error.

About skils attack all have same problem… HOPE YOU FIX IT !

what is this Ryan ?

Let me know if it fixes your problem.

i take it i instal but nothing happen is same… all my friends and guild mate have same problem with attack skill… only 1 skill usep pfff

Are you sure you actually used that version?

when i try instal

You have to put it in your bot folder.

for now sems they use all skils
im go sleep and let you know tomorow THX SO MUCH !!!

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