Problem about HWID

I am using stable version and testing version on the same PC. Stable version working perfectly but i am getting HWID Limit error on stable version. I am using Stable v16.3.4 Testing v25.1.3.Why am i getting this error ?

It uses a different method compared to 25.1.3.

  1. You can only use the bot on 3 computers at once.
  2. If you exceed this limit you will receive a HWID error.
  3. In 23.1.3 the HWID method was changed in order to fix it randomly changing. It will be changing again in 25.1.4 to fix some other issues.
  4. You cannot use 25.1.2 or previous versions with 25.1.3 at the same time on the same computer. It will conflict and you will get a HWID error. This will happen again with 25.1.4.

I know the conflict between versions.
Still same problems going with v25.1.7
I am using bot with 3 computers (my own computers) so i am not exceeding limit.
I am using testing v25.1.7 on 2 computer and Stable v16.3.4 & Testing v25.1.7 on the last one.
I opened testing version on 2 computer and then I ran Stable version on 3rd computer.I haven’t gotten HWID error so far but i am getting HWID error when i try to open Testing v25.1.7 on 3rd PC.
By the way, I am really sure that the versions up to date and There are no outdated versions working because I restarted my computer too many times before updating.Also , I restarted my computers after version updates.

According to what you explained in Article 4; is the Stable version(v16.3.4) the version previous version of the Testing version(v25.1.9) ?

You cannot mix stable and testing currently. They use different HWID implementations. I will update stable at some point.

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