Private SRO - Town Script not run automatically

Server: Private
Server language: Vietnamese
Char: Warlock
Level: 71
phBot: Testing

I’m playing SRO in a private server. I’ve used phbot from a few days ago. Everything work well except it not run Town Script automatically(not buy/sell/repair) or I did something wrong. Please help me to make it works.

Check your town scripts if your level < 71 your char using _r scripts. If your level higher than 71 your char using normal town scripts

My char is LV 73 now and still got the same problem. I don’t know how to setup bot to sell or buy items in town…

What is the problem exactly? Did you accidentally turn on “skip town script entirely”?

No, I didn’t. I didn’t turn the option “skip town script entirely” on.
I want the bot to run town script after return to town to buy/sell/repair items. You can see my setting in the screenshots above