Private Server Selection Issue With Latest phBot Testing release

Hey, first time poster here so bear with me if I completely messed up where I should post this. Just trying to point out an issue I found in case it’s useful info.

I updated phBot to v21.7.2 today and ran into an error when launching it via the Manager. It seems like the bot’s flow for selecting the server changed slightly so that now we select Private Server from one dropdown and then select the specific config for a server from another dropdown (attached screenshots of this flow). I believe previously I was able to select the private server config directly in the initial dropdown.

Anyhow… that brings me to this error I’m getting when launching via the Manager. It says “There are no servers in the list. Please add one before attempting clientless login.” (see third screenshot).

I can’t say for sure if this error is related to the change I noticed in the server selection but it’s my best guess since launching the bot without the manager works file for selecting the server config.

Hope this is helpful info! Let me know if you need any other details.


Note: Had to merge the screenshots since I’m a new user and can only post one. First two show the flow when launching the bot normally without Manager and the third is the error I get when launching with Manager.

You have to add the login server name (like “Kali” on iSRO) to the private server dialog. If you do not then you will be seeing that message.


Ahh… good call! Took me a second to figure out where that dialog to add the server came from but once I did and added the server to the config everything started working as expected. Updating removed my old server config so I had to recreate it today and must have missed that part.

Thanks for the help!

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