Prefer target by un finished hunt


can you make it happen?
to set bot to prefer the none finished hunted ones…?

that would make lvling up sooo much faster…

You can set it up to change training areas when an objective is completed.

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that one i know …
but the quest type im doing … have both monsters in all area’s

there is no special area for this type & that area for that type…

they are every where…
differents is this spot have that type spawn more
that spot have that one spawn more

that as u know
this type of quest … dont have a big area
& cuz its the top
(lvl 135 still bot at 120 2x unlimited Quests)
i cant go anywhere…

also i just did the that area for each quest

in baghdad 121+ mobs
like 13 quests different area for different mobs
& repeatable twice

the bot walk to the quest area
reach it
then start running to the next quest area
even though the quest isn’t completed…

now it stopped halfway
bot still running though…