I need help asap please.

periodically my char just leaves its polygon and i cannot wrap my head around that problem. it frustrates me like hell… he is able to generate the walkscript to my spot ( B1 Unique ) but as i said, he leave its polygon and runs against the wall. pretty far away from the polygon though. what could possibly be the cause ? i drew the polygon clockwise and it is only happening on this char. i have another one and he is staying inside the training area.

That would be the polygon :


Redraw the polygon and make it less wide.

its the same even with a very simple squared polygon…

Have you tried using radius instead of polygon for this one character? Either it isn’t detecting the walls or is trying to attack mobs through the walls.

Cant bot in Janjan cave - phBot - ProjectHax

Jangan Cave B1 Unique Spot

Polygon is very simple. i dont want to use radius :frowning:

polygon : -23265,500,-23196,500;-23196,500,-23195,588;-23195,588,-23266,588;-23266,588,-23265,500;

Lately all my chars start to leave the training areay and just run all the way straight to the left or to the right (random) until a wall stops them^^ There is no log in bot. not even stopping bot^^

Maybe @Ryan can make a suggestion?

I’m pretty sure if you are close to a wall, it will not work correctly.


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