Plugins with Linux


is it possible to run the plugins with Linux? I’ve created a ‘Plugins’ folder inside the bot directory and added the ‘’. In the GUI I can’t see that anything is loaded.

I’ve also installed python34 in Wine. Are there any additional steps?


Yes, plugins do work under Wine. You should see in the log saying a certain plugin was loaded (if the plugin calls the log function to do that).

You need to use the 3.8 libraries if you’re using the testing release but other than that it should work.

This can be closed! I missed to download the plugins folder!

Very nice feature btw :slight_smile:

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How do I add custom libraries? Just put them under site-packages? I want to create a Telegram Bot…

Someone was able to do it but I’m not sure which thread. You’d have to use the Windows versions of it for it to work.

For Windows works:

pip install --target=d:\somewhere\other\than\the\default package_name

Thanks for the hint! I’ll try that

If you copy the installed libraries over to Linux they should also work.