[Plugins] Caravan Auto Answer

i playing r silkroad this web site http://www.rsilkroad.com/
when you take a caravan asking me the questions in the photo do you have any help ?

Filter it using regex to get the correct numbers.

What is this? 4304 / 4000? (Yesterday) :sweat_smile:

Last time I see this server was dead after the website kervankey captcha stuff they added.
Now they are going back again? what’s the point to add questions then? :thinking:


are numbers stable or not? and same question for questions. if the questions are same and same numbers it is so easy. You have to write all questions types.

in turkish language:
“rakamlar ve sorular sabit mi? Eğer soru tiplerinin tamamını söylersen ve rakamların sabitliği vs yardımcı olunur. Sorulardaki rakamları sorma sebebim kodlama sırsasında daha kolay olur diye”

there are only two kinds of question types, the first one is the smallest number and the second one is the figure, which is the only changing number

only these two kinds of question type only have figures changing

okey i think i can help you. just need free time to study on plugin. i think i can do it on sunday.

can not be taken with a caravan phbot says he can help in this matter ?

it has two problems

could you create plugins ?

look your msg box.

in turkish: “mesaj kutuna bak”

From the screenshots u uploaded i did that;
if any matter you can contact me again
Plugin Kervan Key from notice

in turkish:
“Eklenti linki yukarda. Bir sorun olursa bana ulaşabilirsin. Attığın ekran görüntüleri doğrultusunda bunu yaptım. Eğer sorun olursa soru tiplerinin hepsini atman gerek.
Sorulardaki seçenek sayisi yani kaç sayı arasından seçim yapıldığı vs önemli detaylardır unutma”

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Now help @pierreberde

hi,jelly xchat have bug…cannt auto send message in gulid and union ,just in General channel…


hey, the server i play has a captcha to unlock selling, can you do something to bypass it with phbot?

need some SS

I know how to do dc: asmodeuss6666

i have this captsha in my game anyone can help me please this always change number not same question all time