[Plugin] xTranslator

Player comunication should not be a problem now! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Translate incoming / outcoming chat messages to your prefered language.
It will work on iSRO, TRSRO, and vSRO 1.188.

It’s a simple plugin, not much to explain but it can confuse you on first usage!
So an image would be enough at the moment.

Download : [Save as Link] :male_detective:
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Great work. Congratulations !!!

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great work, as usual…!

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Really? Perfect. :coffee:


am using this plugin in TRSRO but most of the time when i send a message i get dc out of nowhere
even if i got a pm with translation is on i get DC

Any error before disconnection? I didn’t find issues while testing.

no errors, the receiver getting the msg but not translated and am getting dc not even going into clientless

I clicked the download link but it opens a new page with a lot of text inside it.
What should be the next step?

Right click on it and press “Save as”… save it as a .py file and put it in your Plugins folder.

seni büyük bir dertten kurtaracak bir plugins :smiley: