[Plugin] xLoginController by JellyBitz

will work with the NEXT phtesting update

good for those who like to lvl multiple(2~4) characters in 1account
(ya they exist)

xLoginController.py.txt (5.3 KB)

how it works:

You’ll have to start login all bots you want to use for the account.

The config times (FROM → TO) at formats 00:00-23:59 (HH:MM) needs to be saved by characters at least once

otherwise the plugin will be disabled as default.

You can choose intervals like “FROM 23:59 TO 00:01” that should work with no problem.

START BOT ON LOGIN is already implemented on phbot so you could use that.

RELOG ON DISCONNECT is handled by plugin, you can check it through bot, it doesn’t matter.

set’s time gap for boting (from ##:## to ##:##)…

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BTW if your char was offline for 13h
u’ll get 50% XP boost for 5~6h
3(8h) or 4(6h) characters set on 24h would trigger this bonus XP

this is good for those who dont want multiple accounts & lose interest/value over there account

also charging VIP for more power just to PWN other’s
would be cheaper now since 1VIP cover 4chars

wanna say:
the plugin is working nice
in benefit of the new server
playing in it
with my main account cuz i have VIP in it for more benefits
& cuz its Lv 90 max in that server
equal/max lvl will be reached soon in this new server…
for NORMAL/fair fights(pvp/FW/jobwar & PK)…
thx jelly xD

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yes, I disconnect whenever I want
but I’m not connecting with the other character
i englis bad exusme I hope you understand

how will he choose the other character?

open another bot & login another char & set time START END

what did u mean by 1 vip covers 4 accounts ?

Not Accounts. He means Chars
He has 1 Account with VIP and on that Account are 4 Chars

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XAcademy’den 1 hesaptan 4 karakter açılış kodu yazabilir misiniz?
oyuna girmeden önce

ask @JellyBitz to do it
if its possible or not
ofc its not FREE…


Works for…
Or if you are type of player…
Who have multiple characters in 1account

Best if the account have vip or premium … or play in a server with no login traffic…
or server with low traffic login time(to not waste)
For fast login


If u got 4chars in 1account
& u wanna lvl them all

U set each time
For when to login & logout
Starting from 00:01

As in:
Char1 from 00:02 to 05:58
Char2 from 06:02 to 11:58
Char3 from 12:02 to 17:58
Char4 from 18:02 to 23:58

Or if its 3chars
U set it as in:

Char1 from 00:02 to 07:58
Char2 from 08:02 to 15:58
Char3 from 16:02 to 23:58

Or 2chars

Char1 from 00:02 to 11:58
Char2 from 12:02 to 23:58

& like that

Add times “FROM~TO”
Click SAVE
Click on ENABLE & SAVE

Make sure to have gap time of 2~3minutes between the DC time & the next char’s login time connecting
Incase of delay happened on DC

After doing all that
Look at ur PC time
& login all chars that are out of there boting time (from~to) FIRST
Then the one with the bot time LAST

Make sure to trigger the “Login if disconnect”:

in the login section…

if logging them by manager:

u’ll have to manually select that “Login if disconnect”
when u do (if it already logged in & DC cuz its out of botting time range) trigger it … it will reconnect the char…
so wait till it does reconnect&DC again…
then start another char…

using this plugin in isro
with main account & GBot/noob accounts
best to choose to start 1account at a time:

incase the reconnect time for new character is up
while a noob account is login in
it wont past the login limit for that server/gateway…
or u’ll get 6h ip-block for having more than 2x(isro) connecting at the same time…

  • this is good for servers like “isro-R palmyra”(Example)
    since it gives ya bonus XP buff
    50% for up to 5h…
    if a character is offline for 13h+

so it triggers with 3~4characters
to balance login/bot time to have each stay offline for more than 13h

Avoided PM cuz its too long & others might benefit from it…

Hey Hey, Thank you sooo much for explaining all with details. Have a wonderful day!

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I want to make an arena with 4 characters from 1 account, can you help me?

does it still work ? i cant get it running. bot exceeds the time limit, it disconnect but does not reload the new char

When you set time and select enable then it disconnect before selected time and dont relog back setted time ? Does it not work ? or can u Fix it ?