[Plugin] xControl

@JellyBitz , I get disconnected when using RETURN command. All the other commands works fine. (iSRO)

Was working before? I just changed that piece of code but should work for vSRO at least, isn’t?

@JellyBitz I’m trying to add commands to the plugin that have my party cast various skills when i need them (e.g. swing march / holy spell). However I have no idea how to have the plugin use any skill to begin with.
Could you give me any hints?

You can make those auto recast every X amount of seconds using conditions.

Yea, I know, but I would like to be able to use them through chat commands.
Like when im having the full party trace my warrior and i realize one of them doesn’t have a speed drug active. Finding & switching to the bard every time is kinda annoying, which is why it would be extremely useful just to write SPEED in chat to have the bard recast it.

You cannot cast skills from plugins, it’s blocked.

Bro doesnt work code
TELEPORT Ferry Ticket Seller Chau,Ferry Ticket Seller Hageuk

i selected x player nick add
x player said TELEPORT Ferry Ticket Seller Chau,Ferry Ticket Seller Hageuk phbot wrong teleport name…

Please help.



what is the code SAMPLE TELEPORT Ferry Ticket Seller Chau Ferry Ticket Seller Hageuk

Please Help Thank you.

TELEPORT Ferry Ticket Seller Chau,Ferry Ticket Seller Hageuk should work.
If you are having Plugin: Wrong teleport name error, then it’s data not found.

I’ll add npc servername support since it’s an issue on getting phbot data by npc name.

I’m waiting for that time

TELEPORT NPC_CH_FERRY2 NPC_WC_FERRY2 (by ServerName) should work now.

Doesn’t work

Plugin into add?

Obviously you have the same old version.

But even updating the plugin seems like you will have the same issue.
I can’t do nothing for it. Every teleport works just fine except that one? It’s phBot side.

TELEPORT Hotan Samarkand Worked
TELEPORT Samarkand Constantinople Worked
TELEPORT Jangan Donwhang Worked
TELEPORT Donwhang Hotan Worked

Just Ferry Teleport have problem… Please new version link send.

About Return, my no back town([20:25:57] Plugin: Using “Instant Return Scroll” ) But no back

Your server seems different (the usage ID it’s different so it may not work).

Sorry i dont understand Python. and i dont know use xPackeTool, I Like so much this system commando , but no know use well.

i try use it but no know sorry