[Plugin] xControl

anyway to change a char’s XY without adding area name?
i mean it would be better/easier…

& the “SETPOS (X)#### (Y)####”
it says in the one i have “SETAREA” not SETPOS
which one works? its not working … says “wrong”

whats the command line you wrote for the bot to understand it?

Is it possible to add “EXP” command? When written in party chat by the leader, other characters should automatically write their character EXP in chat.

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I have this problem : Plugin: Teleport data not found. Wrong teleport name or servername. Another players who cmd go auto tp so teleport name is fine. I plays on Retro and i have Retro server add so what can be wrong?


i have same problem too !

Good evening currently playing Riddle. I am trying to use TP commands but every teleport it is giving me the same error " [20:55:02] Plugin: NPC not found. Wrong NPC name or servername "

TP Boat Ticket Seller Salmai,Boat Ticket Seller Rahan that would be an example of my TP command.

Im at a loss, Cheers

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Okie there’s a plugin called Xnpc which gives you the accurate name of the teleport in the server … take the server name save it and use the command … “TP X Y / from to” use this way … btw there’s some unsupported teleports idk why so u can fix this recording script

[22:47:09] Plugin: Teleport data not found. Wrong teleport name or servername
how i can fix it ?

same way as this

the cmd is using a different version of the plugin :wink:

Hello @JellyBitz ,

If you let me, I want to use the plugin on mobile. Will you excuse me?

link → [Plugin]Srobot Manager - Mobile Entegration

Using Zerk Potions From Inv Could Be Set By Bot It Self … In Addition To Setting When Bot Gonna Zerk … You Can Also Zerk Manually Using xControl Command … When the Char Has Zerk It’ll Go Zerk … If So It Won’t … So You Can Set Use Zerk Potions By The Bot To Ensure That They All Have Zerk … Whether By Using Potion Manually Through Inventory Tab Or The Setting


i still don’t get what u mean with supress … do u mean use a zerk potion or stack them ?

aha … if u specify the zerk option for unique and this unique has other monsters nearby the normal behavior of the bot is to kill the small ones first then goes to the higher ones which is unique in your case … if you want to change this select monster preference and select unique as preferred in this case bot will focus on it regardless of others around it

Can I send messages to the characters in the party while scripting?
@Ryan @JellyBitz @NsyL
ÖR During the script, can I write commands to the characters in the automatic party while I go to the slot?

@bymehmett4735 don’t spam….

You need to use xchat plugin to send messages via script.

I’m using xcontrol, can I do this automatically?

I downloaded xchat. I will draw scpirt. Do you know how I can transfer the content of scpirt to talk automatically?

why no one cares about me :confused:
@Ryan @JellyBitz @NsyL

Is it possible to add a revival point replacement with the command?