[Plugin] xAvatarTester

This will let you build a preview from any avatar in game without worry about buying it.
Yes, you can create and mix your own preview models, even compare them.

How to?

  1. Search for the avatar name
  2. Add the item(s) to the preview list
  3. Select the preview items
  4. Build!

A character model will be loaded to the game world on the same location as you.

  • Tested on vSRO only.
  • Use it carefully, some items may don’t even exist and can crash the client unnexpectly.

Download : [Save as Link] :male_detective:
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So here I am, choosing a good damn avatar.


Wow, interesting :slight_smile:


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we should hire him @JellyBitz , so he could give more value to phbot with new ideas and functionalities
if everyone agrees leave your like


You love nusret hah :smiley: , have you tried it :slight_smile:

i think thats one of the most requested … unrequested plugins ever
everyone wants it nobody ask for it ;D



Not working on vSro 2Job
I could’nt find avatar through Search Clicked

It’s for 1.188 only.

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I used it for vsro 3job.
When I input anything then enter, no one appear.
What should i do.
I think vsro 3job is v1.88 .
Can you send me example for avatar text , then i’ll input it then test

Thanks !

i have alot of plugins this is the only one that fails to load

is it not working anymore ? i try search for avatars and it is not working no avatar want to show in search bar