[Plugin] xAutoDungeon

hello, the plugin is nice but attackarea does attack after waiting 10 or 20 seconds at points. Can we shorten that time? Or am I doing something missing. I share the script, maybe it will help others. FGW SERENESS 1 v 2 star.txt (19.1 KB)

lag olmasın sende kanka 2 3 sanıye sonra dalıyor ama degıgın gıbı bıraz daha hızlı olursa daha iyi olabılır ama lsa adam yapardı

The ping values ​​are normal, I wonder if there is an error in the script. Let friends try.

kankam 3 çarla deniyorum 1 2 saniyede dalıyor problem yok gibi görünüyor tamamlandıgında bir hata varsa solerim

Hey, just wanted to thank you for creating this plugin. It also works perfectly in a solo trading script :slight_smile:

There is no delay… Well, I do not consider 500ms for starting to attack a real delay.

The delay handled as seconds it’s for checking mobs around AFTER the first time.
I repeat, the first time has no delay for starting the bot and attacking. Then could be a phbot issue while it checks settings…

Something like AttackArea,1 (not recommended) can overload the process by checking mobs every second while attacking, then continue the script normally.

dostum bana ulaşabilir misin?

merhaba, uniq menzilde olsa da, bot görmüyor. Is there a specific Xautodungeon range?
or is there some problem with the plugin? Do I need to make an extra adjustment?

v0.4.1? I tested myself with a few types, also combinations and everything was working correctly…

also try to put a space at the end

"Bast "

This plugin has made me crazy. I read almost all the articles on the form. but holy water temple is still working well problematic.

  1. navmesh does not work. When you activate it does not necessarily foolishly moves left and right.
  2. go around, yes it continues without waiting, although I added time to AttackArea points,

ne oldu la neyi yapamadın

I want to pass 2.sc when 1.sc is finished. I want him to repeat it all the time.Could you help.

  1. Not my problem
  2. You didn’t read enough. AttackArea,15 this 15 is not time to wait, it’s for rescann mobs around. You can add wait,10000 native command to wait whatever you want.

My script for HW works perfectly. I would like to know how to configure the bot to exit HW after killing osiris and re-enter alone. so I don’t have to do it manually. @JellyBitz

This information you gave me was very useful. thx

I couldn’t make the settings from the conditions section. can you help me.

im testing the plugin and it seems that everything works great, except that when i killed all the mobs in the area the character waits like 15 seconds to continue to the next area. Any solutions?

you can add “return scroll” at the end of the script.

he want it to re enter … its impossible i guess to re-enter :smiley:

Go to HWT, come.I created the script but there may be minor issues.You are logged in manually.1. After cutting the uniq, leave it out of range, just start.then go until the hwt time expires, come and cut uniqs.I’m using it with 5 li party.ha, I’d do better or I’d appreciate it if you share and edit. by the way, Mo7ammadQ8 ,I created my brother’s script by taking the example. thx for labor.

sorry for my bad english. HWT 3rd Floor Script. holy 3.kat deneme 2 birleşim…txt (261.1 KB)