[Plugin] xAutoDungeon

problem solved but sometimes gets stuck
If it does not attack for 30 seconds ,return to previous coordinate
if you can , we do not need to write the script again
my english is bad , translation sometimes misunderstood , I would like to state that I did not make a bad discourse ,

It return to the previous coordinate after finish killing all mobs from the counter.


Pm me please.

i have radius problem how can fix ? in code line ? i not need 60 radius i need change this radius

You can do a little maths to implement that radius thing, actually it’s not working with it.

Here are +80post that you can read, full examples… Even a thread explaining FGW script has been made.

The reason it’s because v0.0.4 it’s too old and have not xPluginUpdater support to update it correctly.

Anyway, you can check lastest plugins version anytime at GitHub:wink:

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Clearly, you are not overriding it :man_facepalming: … xAutoDungeon v0.4.1 it’s the lastest (Yours said v0.0.4). Check your “master.zip” correctly.

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worked now i will start try make fgw script
i will share if i did it correctly
thanks for support :slight_smile: iam happy

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@JellyBitz can you help me for set radius ?

I think this plugin is super. I wish I had noticed before.teşekkürler

hello, the plugin is nice but attackarea does attack after waiting 10 or 20 seconds at points. Can we shorten that time? Or am I doing something missing. I share the script, maybe it will help others. FGW SERENESS 1 v 2 star.txt (19.1 KB)

lag olmasın sende kanka 2 3 sanıye sonra dalıyor ama degıgın gıbı bıraz daha hızlı olursa daha iyi olabılır ama lsa adam yapardı

The ping values ​​are normal, I wonder if there is an error in the script. Let friends try.

kankam 3 çarla deniyorum 1 2 saniyede dalıyor problem yok gibi görünüyor tamamlandıgında bir hata varsa solerim

Hey, just wanted to thank you for creating this plugin. It also works perfectly in a solo trading script :slight_smile:

There is no delay… Well, I do not consider 500ms for starting to attack a real delay.

The delay handled as seconds it’s for checking mobs around AFTER the first time.
I repeat, the first time has no delay for starting the bot and attacking. Then could be a phbot issue while it checks settings…

Something like AttackArea,1 (not recommended) can overload the process by checking mobs every second while attacking, then continue the script normally.

dostum bana ulaşabilir misin?

merhaba, uniq menzilde olsa da, bot görmüyor. Is there a specific Xautodungeon range?
or is there some problem with the plugin? Do I need to make an extra adjustment?

v0.4.1? I tested myself with a few types, also combinations and everything was working correctly…

also try to put a space at the end

"Bast "