[Plugin]Srobot Manager - Mobile Entegration

The best :100: percent safe plugin with mobile app :tada: :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

How is it :100: percent safe?

Our mobile app and this plugin are working together. Firstly you need to register an account from mobile app. Than You must enter your email and password into plugin to match app and plugin. All api requests need a header token value.For every login ,JWT token will be generate automatically.If for some reason this token lost or wrong, than your all requests will not effect our backend.

Mobile App

If you want to mange this plugin from your mobile, please download our app from play store.

Create an account from mobile app than enter your credetials into our plugin. Thats it!
1. Start/Stop bot 
2. Set trainig area  
3. Chat with all channels
4. Character detail in real time (gold,mp_max,region,server,guild....)  
5. Party members
6. Guild members
7. Booting status
8. Notifications  

Setup Plugin

  1. Download plugin and locate it into your phBot folder/Plugins/ location.
  2. Open your phBot program you should see our plugin. If something wrong please contact us.


Looks promising. Use at your own risk!

Thanks for confirmation @Ryan

Just so everyone knows, your character info and chat data is sent to their server and stored so it can be viewed in the mobile app. This does not include your Silkroad password/passcode though.

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Absolutely I agree.The app does not need game-related account information

helpful video link → https://youtu.be/VpqOqACTeC4

google play → Mobile Android App

Plugin → Plugin

We support 2 languages → ENG / TR

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I’m waiting for successful ios.
You can also add alliance and academy to the party section.

Thank you for your suggestion. Ios coming soon

great job

good job guys

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ben de böyle bir hata veriyor

There may be an instant access issue @nizam6154 More features We continue to develop but It is useful to download the latest version plugin.

Anlık bir bağlantı hatası gibi görünüyor @nizam6154 . Yenii özellikler eklemeye devam ediyoruz. İstersen yeni version plugin’i indirip tekrar deneyip, problem olursa bilgilendirir misin? Problemsiz kullanan çok insan mevcut

Plugin → Plugin

very informative material

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