[Plugin] ItemManager


… since we are going to move to this new forum, i’ll post it just once again …

phBot ItemManager

this is a phBot plugin and it does:

  • sort your inventory, storage and guild-storage items by servername

  • store/take gold from storage/guild-storage in advanced mode

    • loops automatically per gold (useful on private servers with high gold-drop-ratio)
    • use b or B for
      • example usage: 5b =
    • use m or M for 1.000.000
    • use k or K for 1.000
    • use 0 or all for all available gold (currently works only with store)


works only with testing release v21.1.7 or later since get_storage() and get_guild_storage() are used and have just been implemented at this version

Available on my GitHub Account