This is less of a plugin and more of a tool for those who get corrupt char config files often. Easily see all the backup config files avaliable for the server and char provided. Currently this is only for .json config files, may add db3 in the future but those rarely get corrupt.

Theres a weird bug in python that breaks the plugin if you reload it, so if you have issues just open a new bot. It doesnt require a char to be logged in so it doesnt really matter.

  1. Enter char name and server for the character you want to restore configs
  2. Press Load Profiles and it will load all the avaliable backups for each profile
  3. Select a profile and restore date, press Restore

Download: [Link] Right click > save as .py


phbot stable dont have this option

Its a plugin you have to download it… it works fine on stable

i try thx