Pls fixed for linux

hi Ryan Can’t fix the test version of phbot on linux? pls pls :)) i hate Windows 10 XD

who’s great if you can do that

Are there any errors?

yes always closes immediately after entering the login data
:((( make update all not problem

Fixed Pls :((((

is it isro or tsro ? then it could be a temp ban becurse you try to login to often you have to use manager with “not in game” time to 120min

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What’s the issue exactly?

For example, if I go to ubuntu and enter my data, bot goes away immediately
with all my linux version teste on ubuntu linux mint debian arch all =error

what do you have for wine settings when I install everything and enter data, the bot always disappears funny not work stable bot working test phbot version nothing…block ip blabla :)))

Ubuntu 20.04 x64. I installed Wine through apt and vcrun2013 + vcrun2019 through winetricks.

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