Pls advice!

wich windows is the best to install compatible with phbot?? for later i dont have problems with phbot stable or testing version??? pls any1 advice me!!! :(:frowning_face:


windows10professional64bit is the best
although i have no anti virus & disabled win10 its own defender for being “garbage” by randomly deleting stuff
i also have nothing critically important … so think twice before u disable ur’s

i hope ur PC is fast … if not … & u low on funds … at least get the:
*main drive SSD 120GB ( for win install )
*2nd drive HDD 2TB ( if you got other stuff like big size games(+20gb each) that u collect or play then delete…)
*CPU i7
*GPU (1080ti is best “used” … but u could go 1070ti … even though its not as smooth/fast as the 1080ti … in a noticeable Quality

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thx for the tip much appreciated :slight_smile: