Please Help mee

Phbot testing bots close by themselves after a while and the manager bot does not start phbot testing again, what is the reason?

If u mean stopping bot:
check phbot last log before stopping bot.
you will know the reason.

If u mean phbot terminated, and not open again.
check manager configuration increase Disconnect time. or decrease how many accounts start at the same time.

I checked all of them, no problem. The problem is that the bot shuts itself down when there is no problem and does not restart without restarting the manager.

Although the administrator is open, phbot does not enter the tests, but I give the command not responding, I have to reboot.

is the bot shuts itself after got in-game? or before?
if in-game, check if u add new plugin it may cause this.
if before so its 100% from the manager login (check manager time config)

and try to login with phbot outside the manager

The bot enters the game and after a while it closes by itself. And the manager doesn’t start the bot again

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