Please help me @Ryan

and in Job he didn’t trace because the System of game … i need to make Trace like other programes solve this problem like (sbot)

@Ryan Please help me

Don’t use game trace.

please sir, if you can come Anydesk to see the problem and try to solve it …

@Ryan Please help me :frowning:

i already don’t use game trace

i try alot to solve this problem…

@Ryan please help me Sir :frowning:

Please help me


nothing work Trace,script, etc… :’(

@Ryan @Ryan Please Help me

@Ryan @admins Help

Stop spamming

ok sir,

iam in samerkand and in map iam not there + trace , scripts , nothing working really :frowning:

Please Help me

@DeRidder14 @Ryan

Seems like you still have the wrong server type

this Server work and no problem … but he didn’t do anything like: trace,script,start bot ,etc …


Just because you can login doesn’t mean you selected the right type

I read the website for about 30 seconds and found that it is black rouge files, so select that type.

ok i will try this again

stay the trace,scripts don’t work … @DeRidder14 please if you can come teamviewer or anydesk to see the problem , please come and see

@Ryan @DeRidder14

@DeRidder14 @Ryan @admins Please Help me

@Ryan @DeRidder14

yes, Phbot not working well in creddy …
nothing work like: Trace,scrtips,etc …

i asking for help :frowning:

@Ryan @Slaintrax @DeRidder14 help me please

Server is non bot for a reason

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