Please answer these question :D

1- how can i give the phbot order in the script to put the gold and nova items in guild storage ??? when i make the script 1-do storage guild 2- do storage guild store it didint put the item or gold and im sure i crossed on the pick filter store the item in guild storage???
2- if i have in my private server a specific shop beside samarkand stable [ shop is not appear in the other servers its related to creddy online sro only] … can i give the script order to go to this shop and buy reverse scroll after town script ?

  1. Use this: Town-scripts with Guild storage for all <3 / Faster Town-scripts <3 / walk ROC.MT via HT (ignore Samakant) <3
  2. Only the default iSRO town NPCs are supported.

@dongaago you can try it with the xpacketool / xcontrol plugin you basicly make a script with the packets to send at this place

can u explain more please about xpacketool / xcontrol… this is very important to me

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