Pick settings did not transfer to copied character using XAutoConfig

I used the XAutoconfig to create a Default profile for all new characters including the pick filters and Town that have already been set. Default was created for json and db3 files to ensure that all settings will be trasfered 100% identical.

The new characters had their town settings and pick settings blank after logging in into the game.


I copied the json and db3 files and renamed them to make it work.


Did you put the files named default in the config folder? Because it works perfect for me

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yeah i did. I did work for me before too but yesterday suddenly it’s stopped working. I am so confused.

if you login more than 10 account its getting bugged on some account better you make it copy paste the files

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Good to know. Thank you

I’ve made well over 3000 academy accounts with this and never had a problem so I don’t think more then 10 is an issue.

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I think, I have figured it out. The newly created characters will have no problems of importing the settings from the default files but it won’t import the settings if the characters have already exist prior.