Pick pet cSro-R silkroad.lt

I dont know because the bot or server file but pet doesnt pick goods box (picture below) and pet in fgw doesnt pick anything (will add picture later)
Use pick setting ingame work fine

Is it only that item? Does it show the correct info on the pet tab?

and dont pick at fgw, i will upload picture when i enter again

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See if character pick is not working either. It may not be the pet at all.

yea try and character doesnt pick too, what should i do?

I’m looking into it. It wasn’t working then randomly started working so not sure what’s going on. Are you using the latest version?

yeah that lastest version

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Please Ryan, fix bot dont pick goods box :<

Do you have an account I can borrow to test that item? I couldn’t find anything wrong with normal item pick.

yes, i will send private message