Pick filter Ch Jewellery

… Don’t know if its just me but in my pick setting i have no Ch (Jewellery) items at all … Also i think the Avatar should be not in the item list for be able to sell

Any help with this @Ryan or am i doing something wrong bro

Ch (Jewellery) i havealreddy reported it its fixed bynext release

why should avatar not be an item of it is and its posible to sell it ingame to the npc so there is no reason why it shound be in the list

the bot gives us the posibilitys but the setup is still a user thing

I agree just personal option i guess why would i wanna set a avatar anyway … and if i did id wanna do it manual or sell it to another player for Silk cant see a reason why i would want to Npc a Prem avatar for gold… Each to there own i guess

There’s an iSRO event that gives you infinite avatars of the same kind so it’s kind of necessary.

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