phbto crashes when opening with manager

for a while now i’m facing the following problem while using the manager.
When i start the Silkroad client using the manager everything works fine until the bot closes after ~1min without any error. The last and only worth mentioning record in the log tells, that the bot went clientless before terminating the botclient/game.
No running game/bot in the taskmanager.

When i try to open the game with phbot only, everything works properly.

Appreciate any support.

Your delays are probably too low.

What delays are advisable in this case?
And which of those do i have to change?

Start delay: 100000
Client starting : 120000
Disconnected: 100000
Not in game: 0

Still occuring

Set your not in game to 10.

10 not even the game starts.
At 0-9 same happens.
I don’t get it.

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