Phbot using to much cpu


i was before using sbot there was my cpu like 30 or 50 % now after phbot 100 % 32% manager and rest are 6 -8 % client what are problem why use so much cpu thanks

Did you update your bot?

hello ryan

yes i check it on manager it is uptade

The Manager update button only updates the Manager.

how can i check phbot uptade ? im new user sorry about that

Just open the bot once and it will check. Not through the Manager.

yes exactly they need uptade but i dont understand why so high going cpu if you noit uptade ?

thank you so much now worked why going so high if not uptade bot ?

Should be explained in the change log.

ryan i get still same problem after all chacter restart i get same issuises cpu 100 %

That’s normal when the bots first open.

omg after 10 munit still some :frowning:

You need to let it update the database before using the Manager.

i do it but still same problem it is really not good working not like i expectied

Try to untick (close) collision detection and other settings that you dont need, it might overwhelming your cpu. Also try in clientless mode if youre using many accounts.

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@Lumi thanks answer before i was using sbot with client never never get problem never phbot really trash . i make memory save in acoount still same

You just don’t understand how anything works because you’re new.

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ryan i understand i use clientless i do it like waiting start and still some after disconnect 3 4 chachter going same full cpu i never get never why ph bot get it

Did you update your bot like I said?

yes of course bot are uptaded